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Understanding Wood Flooring Challenges And Solution

Hello, I’m Barry, and I am thrilled to introduce you to our unparalleled wood flooring services in Concord, North Carolina. At Barry Can Fix It, we don’t just install floors; we craft elegant spaces that stand the test of time. Whether you are revamping your home or renovating your office, our wood flooring solutions redefine sophistication and durability.

Understanding Wood Flooring Challenges and Solution

While wood flooring adds timeless beauty to any space, it’s essential to address common challenges that might arise:

Scratches and Dents

Wood floors can develop scratches and dents over time, especially in high-traffic areas.

Regular maintenance, such as placing rugs in high-traffic zones and promptly addressing spills, can prevent scratches. Additionally, periodic refinishing can remove minor scratches and dents, restoring the floor’s smooth surface.

Scratches And Dents
Moisture Damage

Moisture Damage

Wood flooring can warp or discolor due to exposure to moisture or spills.

Proper sealing and finishing, along with immediate cleanup of spills, can prevent moisture damage. Using area rugs in moisture-prone areas like kitchens can also safeguard your wood floors.


Exposure to sunlight can cause wood floors to lose their original color over time.

Installing curtains or blinds can minimize sunlight exposure. Additionally, choosing wood species with natural resistance to fading, like Brazilian Walnut, can prolong the floor’s vibrancy.

Professional Care Wood Flooring
Creaking And Noises

Creaking and Noises

Wood floors are susceptible to staining from spills, pet accidents, or certain cleaning agents.


Immediate cleanup of spills and using recommended wood floor cleaners can prevent stains. For stubborn stains, professional refinishing can restore the floor’s original appearance.


Wood floors are susceptible to staining from spills, pet accidents, or certain cleaning agents.

Immediate cleanup of spills and using recommended wood floor cleaners can prevent stains. For stubborn stains, professional refinishing can restore the floor’s original appearance.


Why Choose Our Wood Flooring Services in Concord, NC

Our wood flooring services are designed with you in mind:

Quality Materials

We source the finest materials, including genuine hardwood, engineered wood, and bamboo flooring, ensuring your floors exude natural beauty and resilience.

Customized Solutions

Your space is unique, and your flooring should reflect that. We offer tailored solutions, including Chevron parquet designs and different cut patterns, ensuring your floors are as distinct as you are.

Diverse Options

From solid wood to laminate and cork flooring, we offer an array of options to cater to different styles and preferences. We guide you through popular wood species like Oak, Brazilian Walnut, and Hickory, helping you make an informed choice.

Professional Care

Our services extend beyond installation. We provide wood floor cleaning, polishing, refinishing, and buffing services, ensuring your floors remain as pristine as the day they were installed.

Exploring Wood Flooring Options

In wood flooring, understanding the materials is crucial. Here are some essential terms to familiarize yourself with:

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are known for their enduring beauty and strength, hardwood floors come in various species such as Oak and Mahogany. We offer solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood for enhanced stability.

Janka Ratings
This scale measures wood hardness. Red Oak, with its high Janka rating, is a popular choice for its durability.

We use natural oils and hard finishes, including aluminum oxide, to enhance the wood’s appearance and provide long-lasting protection.

Different Cut Patterns
From classic planks to Chevron parquet, we offer diverse cut patterns to elevate your space’s aesthetics.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive services include:

Wood Floor Cleaning
We use specialized products to clean and maintain your wood floors, ensuring they retain their luster.

Wood Floor Polishing
Our expert technician Barry, provides professional wood floor polishing services, adding a glossy finish to your floors.

Wood Floor Refinishing
If your floors have seen better days, our refinishing service revitalizes them, making them look brand new.

Wood Floor Buffing
Buffing not only enhances the floor’s shine but also smoothens out minor imperfections, creating a flawless surface.

Our Wood Flooring Process




Detailed discussion to understand your preferences, budget, and requirements.

Material Choice

Guiding you to select the right wood type, finish, and style for your flooring.

Professional Installation

Precise installation by Barry, ensuring a flawless finish.

Quality Inspection

Thorough inspection to ensure every plank is installed perfectly, meeting our high standards.

Quality Repairs and Handyman Services for Your Needs

At Barry Can Fix It, we take pride in offering a wide range of other expert services to enhance your home. Our services include not only top-notch wood flooring but also comprehensive solutions for various needs. Whether you require meticulous fence repair, dependable shed repairs, or budget-friendly discounted handyman services, we have you covered.

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